About ElmRose Creations:

Our Company

We are a family business focused on creating quality made, handcrafted and laser cut items.

Our founder, JoAnn is the youngest of four kids. After growing up on the family farm she pursued a degree in business administration and had a successful career in supply chain logistics, she is now retired. JoAnn enjoys spending time with her two favorite doggies, going for walks in nature, and hanging out with family. She started this business to harness the energy of her family’s entrepreneurial mindset, and provide high quality items to the Western New York community and online customers.

The rest of the family is involved in developing new product ideas, website design, and attending craft shows.

As each season turns the corner, we will have more items to share. We want you to celebrate your special occasion or holiday with good memories from that special day. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please email us so we can help, as we are just setting up our website!

About Elmer and Rose

They loved outdoors and spending time around a bonfire. They loved sharing stories and talking about life in general. They were farmers and entrepreneurs, who loved woodworking and marveled over handmade crafts.

They always told us to put our love into our work as well. We decided to carry on their legacies and start this business, not only to honor them, but to give people something that would make them smile. We hope you enjoy our products.

Growing up we learned strong values from our parents. They always strived to make sure the customer had the best experience with their products. They passed their passion on to us and now it is time for our generation to share our passion for designing unique products for our customers.

A little about us and our logo

Our logo was designed in loving memory of Elmer and Rose, the glue that will forever hold our family together. We used handwritten notes from Elmer and Rose to create the cursive text for “ElmRose” and selected an Elm Tree to symbolize strength and regrowth. The moon symbolizes their love for the nighttime, a time when our family who owned a small farm, could put our chores aside and enjoy quality time under the beauty of the stars

We Work Hard To Provide Unique Quality Products

We want our products to connect with people’s emotions and unite those who see the product displayed in or around your home, or at your special occasion. We want to create solutions for our customers so they will have less stress when planning for an event. By ordering our products and receiving quality products that will bring a smile to your face. We want the decorating to be inspiring and easy to set up. Most of our products are cut with lasering machines and handcrafted.